How does it work?

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Winterclash 2021 is going to take place all over the world – wherever you are.

How to join?

  1. You need a mobile phone (running on iOS or Android).
  2. Purchase a ticket to Winterclash. Ticket price is 20€.
    You can buy your ticket in our TICKET SHOP

    If you can not afford a ticket due to the situation in your country or personal reasons, please send an email to – we have solidarity tickets available for free.

  3. After you’ve purchased a ticket, you are going to receive an email with your access details for the Winterclash app within 24 hours.

  4. Download the Winterclash app.
    – Apple/iOS app store
    – Android/Google Play Store
  5. Log into the app, using the details we have sent you in an email after you bought a ticket. Check your spam/junk folder if you can not find the email.

  6. Start a team inside the app, send your friends an invitation to join the team – or ask your friends to send you an invitation (if they already have a team). It is also possible to be the only one in our team – you don’t need to be several.

  7. Check out what’s in there, visit the digital tradeshow and discover many brands and riders. We are trying to showcase bladings full variety in one app. Take you time and explore.

  8. Solving challenges:
    There are already a few challenges visible and you can start solving the first ones already. However, the list of the final 200+ challenges will only be made public on February 14th. Sending submissions will only be possible February 18th + 19th + 20th. You can solve a challenge by either uploading a photo, a video or a text.

  9. The ranking:
    You are going to receive points for every challenge you have solved. With your points you will climb up in the worldwide ranking of all teams, as well as in the ranking of all teams in your own country.

  10. Winners & Prizes
    1 place / winning team: The full package for Winterclash 2022! The trip, the drinks and even your own heat in the pro competition 2022….
    Here’s what’s included:
    – Travel support / flight tickets*
    – Free accommodation the whole weekend
    – Free food & drinks the whole weekend
    – Your team gets a wildcard and its own heat in the pro comp

    (*travel support up to 700€ per person / max. 5 pers. in a team)

    And there are plenty of other incredible prizes. Some are attached to certain challenges and you can win them by simply solving one challenge well. Other prizes are attached to the world wide ranking. You will soon be able to find out what’s in there:

  11. HAVE FUN!
    Seriously! this is not a dead serious competition for pro riders only, but rather a fun weekend for the whole blading community. It doesn’t matter how good you are on blades or where you’re from. There will be easy challenges to solve for everyone – and there will be hard challenges for the ones who really want to go for the crazy tricks.

    If you have questions, you can send us an email to and we will make sure to help you.

  12. If you would like to find out more about the event, we highly suggest to check out the Winterclash x Jump Street Podcast:


Some more info….

How is that going to work?

  • With your ticket you will gain access to the Winterclash Worldwide App.
  • You will be able to follow the show, solve 150+ challenges, upload your video/photo/text submissions.
  • You will be able to become the winner of Winterclash 2021.

Regardless of skill, age and gender, you will be able to compete simply by solving challenges in the app. Each challenge involves a task and you will be uploading your solved task as a photo, video or text.

  • Challenges can be solved while sitting on your couch at home, at the local street spot or the skatepark close by.
  • It doesn’t matter how good you are on blades or if you are living close to a skatepark: We are determined to create an event that you will be able to enjoy, no matter your location or the co-vid restrictions in your home town in February.
  • Some of these challenges will be curated by the Winterclash team, some by your favorite pro riders or blading legends and some will be curated by blading companies or media outlets.
  • Your challenge submissions will be visible in the public social-stream right away.

What are the challenges?

There will be more than 150 different challenges. Some will be easy to solve and some will be harder. If you are going for the win, we highly recommend that you start solving challenges on Winterclash Thursday already. There will be a lot to do.

Here are some examples, to give you an idea:

  • Decorate your room like it’s Winterclash (send a photo)
  • Write a poem about your favorite rider
  • Film a line with 3 simple tricks in front of your house
  • Do a fishbrain stall on the dinner table in your living room (photo)
  • Write down the names of three up and coming riders in your country
  • Upload a picture of your blading-magazine collection
  • Tell us the name of the person on the very first Be-Mag cover
  • Take a photo of your favorite hometown streetspot
  • Do a long heel roll and upload the video
  • Write down what’s your favorite skate and why
  • Write a short letter to your favorite pro rider and explain why he/she needs to visit your city
  • What trick did Chris Edwards invent? (write it down)
  • Do a topsoul like Jon Julio and upload the photo
  • Build your own slider bar(video)
  • Do any flip trick you like and upload the video
  • Take a photo of your blading tattoo
  • Tell us what product or special feature should be developed/invented

Call your crew and set up a camp

  • Inside the app you will be able to set up a camp alone or with your friends/crew (everyone who wants to log in to the app needs a valid Winterclash ticket).
  • You and your companions will upload the solved challenges and for every challenge you will receive points.
  • There will be a live ranking during the event, comparing the achievements of the participating crews from all over the world.
  • There will be tons of crazy prizes for the top camps (more on that soon).


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