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With only one hour drive from Amsterdam or the German border, the AreaFiftyOne Skatepark in Eindhoven is easily reachable.

Area 51 Eindhoven
Ketelhuisplein 18
5617AE Eindhoven / The Netherlands

By train:
The central station of Eindhoven is simply called “Eindhoven”.
There is another station called “STRJP-S” which is only 3 minutes walk from the skatepark.
Plan your trip by train:

Einhoven Public Transportation:

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Did you know that the great Blue Collar Hotel & Hostel is just next door to Area51 Skatepark? They will be booked out soon, so if you want to stay close and affordable, this is the right time to take action. Visit their site for pricing and more information:

Airport Information

Eindhoven itself got a small Airport.
You can check if there are flights going there, from your city, but it might be cheaper to use one of the bigger airports around Eindhoven.

Nearest Airports:

Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Distance to Eindhoven: 120 Km

Brussels (Belgium)
Distance to Eindhoven: 120 Km

Liege (Belgium)
Distance to Eindhoven: 120 Km

Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Distance to Eindhoven: 100 Km

Düsseldorf (Germany)
Distance to Eindhoven: 120 Km

Cologne / Bonn (Germany)
Distance to Eindhoven: 170 Km

Frankfurt (Germany)
Distance to Eindhoven: 350 Km