What does it mean to show up at your local park on blades? What does it mean to run a company these days? What does it mean to be a pro rider in 2020, or to run local events without any financial support? What does it mean to be a young, up and coming rider, to be female in a male-dominated sport, to be old and riding for 25+ years already? What does it mean to produce videos or run a magazine, even if not too many peoplE seem to be interested anymore?
What does it mean if more than 1.000 people and 40 nationalities are still gathering in a skatepark in the Netherlands once a year – simply to celebrate all of the above?
What does it mean to be a blader, to be called an inline skater, to practice roller or to simply be out there skating? How does it feel? Why the hell are we still here?
What does it all even mean?
Winterclash 2020
February 13TH – 15TH
Eindhoven / Netherlands


HangLosers Super Bowl 2020

The best Thursday of your life – every year. We teamed up with the Hanglosers Rollerblading Club again for the highlight of the first day of Winterclash 2020. We promise danger, entertainment, stupid rules and #Happyhour for everyone! First prize 100 BEERs! Join the FB Event: facebook.com/events/1169515696579029
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Bobi Spassov at Winterclash 2020

Bobi Spassov could be seen as a blading visionary. Defining a completely new style and working on tricks that are hard to understand at first. His hard work during the past years just paid of with his first pro boot for Roces and next to having him back competing at Winterclash we are working on...
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Alex Broskow at Winterclash 2020

He has done it all. He has been highly influential for nearly two decades and he still is today. He defined the limits of street skating and chances are high he will be doing so for years to come. He has been to Winterclash before and he will be there again. Thats right. Alex Broskow...
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Montre Livingston at Winterclash 2020

He just won the Blading Cup, he is our 2016 Winterclash champion, he is by far one of the most positive blade influencers, an inspiration to kids and the best person around for a fun session. Montre Livingston is what blading needs more of. Montre Livingston will be back at Winterclash in 2020! Photo: Olfert...
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Winterclash 2020 Trailer

What does it mean to be a blader, to be called an inline skater, to practice roller or to simply be out there skating? How does it feel? Why the hell are we still here? Let’s talk about it. Let’s enjoy the best of times. Together. See you in February! Edit: Straight From Here. Filmed:...
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Martin Danning at Winterclash 2020

Martin Danning is part of a new generation that is going to help define our style and attitude for the coming years. He went from winning the Winterclash Junior comp, to winning the Amateur comp, to place 4th in the Pro competition in just three years. We are excited to be able to follow his...
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13th – 15th February 2020

AreaFiftyOne Skatepark
Klokgebouw 51 – 5617 AB / Strijp-S – Eindhoven / Netherlands