What does it mean to show up at your local park on blades? What does it mean to run a company these days? What does it mean to be a pro rider in 2020, or to run local events without any financial support? What does it mean to be a young, up and coming rider, to be female in a male-dominated sport, to be old and riding for 25+ years already? What does it mean to produce videos or run a magazine, even if not too many peoplE seem to be interested anymore?
What does it mean if more than 1.000 people and 40 nationalities are still gathering in a skatepark in the Netherlands once a year – simply to celebrate all of the above?
What does it mean to be a blader, to be called an inline skater, to practice roller or to simply be out there skating? How does it feel? Why the hell are we still here?
What does it all even mean?
Winterclash 2020
February 13TH – 15TH
Eindhoven / Netherlands


Sam Crofts at Winterclash 2020

He is a stuntman. He won last years HangLosers Superbowl with a 450 AO Topsoul. He is one of the UKs current shining stars. He will be back at Winterclash in 2020. YES! Photo: David Holbrook
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History lesson: Dave Paine talks Videogroove

This is going to be the best Friday morning of the year – we promise! Winterclash Friday will start off with a bang at Blue Collar Theatre. At 11:00 a.m. we are going to meet the one and only Dave Paine on stage, watch some of the most memorable parts in VG history – in...
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Chaz Sands at Winterclash 2020

Now that’s an unexpected one: He is one of the very few people with a pro skate from Salomon, well, three pro models to be precise – and one more from Razors. That alone explains how much impact he has had on European blading. One of the most technical rail skaters of the early 2000s...
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Fabio Enes at Winterclash 2020

Welllll that’s a special one for sure. Fabio Enes appeared to the blading circus with a bang more than ten years ago. Super young, super ambitious and super stylish. He quickly worked his way up, received a Pro boot from Razors and than had to take a huge step back after a very bad fall...
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Roman Abrate at Winterclash 2020

Welcome to the show. After having to take a break from Winterclash in 2019 Roman Abrate will be back this year. Roman has been on the Winterclash Top 3 podium for 7 times! Once in Amateur und 6 times in Pro. This might be the most out of anyone and for a good reason: He...
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Julian Bah at Winterclash 2020

Yep, we are far from being done with announcing more names to this years competition. Our next rider has been at Winterclash several times already and is known as one of the most stylish street riders out there for well over a decade already. Sit back, watch some of his parts from the early 2000s...
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13th – 15th February 2020

AreaFiftyOne Skatepark
Klokgebouw 51 – 5617 AB / Strijp-S – Eindhoven / Netherlands