Panel 2 – The struggle and benefits of DIY events

Gatherings, sessions, competitions. Events. They are what keeps our community connected, what keeps us together and they are essential to stay inspired and motivated. Sometimes organized by crews and collectives, but most often hosted by individuals who are dedicating all their time towards one or two days of madness and who are taking the risk...
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Jacob Juul at Winterclash 2019

When spinning into grinds was a new thing, Jacob Juul was one of the few europeans to push it to that next level. Back at Winterclash 2006 he won the Cash4trick competition with a with a 450 Backside Savannah at a square handrail and during that time he won most of the real street events...
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Chad Hornish at Winterclash 2019

Chad Hornish has been around for a long time already but it seems like he is just about to get started for real. Placing second in the Blading Cup Am Division as well has his incredible ριηκ section are just two examples. We are happy to announce that Chad will compete in Pro at Winterclash...
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Panel 1 – The future is now – listen to them!

It’s a thin line between appreciating our roots and being stuck in the past. While it’s important to speak about our history, it’s much needed to listen to the ones who are shaping our future. We invited four young guests and a very special host for a conversation about blading today and tomorrow. We want...
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Jon Julio at Winterclash 2019

We are beyond excited that Jon Julio is going to join us again in 2019. He has been and still is inspiring generations of bladers with his riding, his projects and his personality. He is far from slowing down and we are glad to say: See you in February Jon! Photo: Maxime Hillairaud
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David Sizemore at Winterclash 2019

In 2015 he took the win and last year he won the SkatePro Most Creative Trick during Winterclash. But contest rankings are not what David Sizemore is measured by. His timeless and game-changing video sections are what made him the legend that he is today. We can’t wait to see him shred the course in...
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