Winterclash 2020 – What does it mean?

We have been waiting for it to start since February and we couldn’t be more excited to kick things off with announcing the slogan for Winterclash 2020.

All panels and workshops during Winterclash #16 will be dedicated to the most existential question of it all. Get ready and join us. We are very very much looking forward to see all of you again!

What does it mean?

What does it mean to show up at your local park on blades? What does it mean to run a company these days? What does it mean to be a pro rider in 2020, or to run local events without any financial support? What does it mean to be a young, up and coming rider, to be female in a male-dominated sport, to be old and riding for 25+ years already? What does it mean to produce videos or run a magazine, even if not too many people seem to be interested anymore?

What does it mean if more than 1.000 people and 40 nationalities are still gathering in a skatepark in the Netherlands once a year – simply to celebrate all of the above?

What does it mean to be a blader, to be called an inline skater, to practice roller or to simply be out there skating? How does it feel? Why the hell are we still here?

What does it all even mean?

Photo: Jack Toibin

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