Panel: What does it mean to be a PRO rider in 2020

Some say, being a professional means being able to make a living of it. In times when our scene isn’t the biggest anymore and almost everyone competing in PRO at Winterclash is living a normal life with a normal job, there seems to be a different meaning to the term PRO. But there’s different stories to tell, different ways to live and different concepts to make it all work. We invite you to join a conversation with four of the most relevant riders of our time to talk about their life as pro riders, role models, hard workers, dreamers and insanely good bladers.

Speaker: Alex Broskow, Bobi Spassov, Mery Muñoz, Montre Livingston
Host: David McNamara / Wheel Scene

Saturday, 15th Feb, 12:00 p.m. (noon)
Location: Areafiftyone Skatepark / Panel Room

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