Welcome Eugen Enin

When everyone thought that everything on blades had been done already, Eugen Enin showed up and proved us wrong. Eugen has pushed technical blading into new dimensions and his style and way of blading is unique to everyone else’s today. It is impossible to predict what he is going to do next and we are...
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Welcome Jon Julio

Jon Julio has done it all. Every single thing that can be done in blading, he did it. Boots, wheels, bearings, clothing, several video series, event series and so on. It is impossible to describe how big of an influence he always was and still is today. He is the last man standing. He has...
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Welcome Nils Jansons

Nils Jansons popped up out of nowhere during Winterclash 2007. Only 14 years old at the time, he quickly became one of the main topics to talk about during the event. It was obvious that he had a street skating background, he had more style than most people in the building and even the way...
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AreaFiftyOne Skatepark

16th + 17th February 2018

Klokgebouw 51 – 5617 AB / Strijp-S – Eindhoven / Netherlands