Limited Tickets Out Now!

14.02.2016 hedon_thanks-1

Thank you Hedonskate

We are glad to be able to announce Hedonskate as sponsor for Winterclash 2016. They will be branding our sweet treehouse in the middle of the park and we are thankful for their support over all these years. Thank you and see in a week guys!

12.02.2016 20160210_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_k2bestnewcomer

K2 Best Newcomer Award

K2 Skates is going for one more. Next to their tradeshow appearance, they will be presenting the Best Newcomer Award. We will be looking for a young, outstanding rider all weekend long, to award him with a special K2 package. It doesn’t matter if you are part of the contest, if you are ranked high, or if you are just cruising the park, leaving an impression. We will find you!

10.02.2016 20160210_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_soldout


Thats it. We are very sorry, but also very excited to announce that Winterclash 2016 is officially sold out!

09.02.2016 k2_thankyou

Thank you K2

K2 is back in the aggressive market and next to picking up riders for their ambassador program all over the globe, they also reached out to become a part of Winterclash. That’s great news for us and we are very happy to have them as one of our partners for Winterclash 2016! Catch them at the tradeshow!


Ticket Update

Ticket update: Be-Mag Shop got 4 tickets left. All the other shops are sold out. If you want to book a pick-up ticket, this is still possible in our Winterclash web store, but you better be quick! We expect Winterclash 2016 to be sold out in the next 48 hours.

13.02.2016 20160211_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_nomade_winnerbet

Nomadeshop Winterclash Winners Bet

Who do you think is going for the win at this years Winterclash? Place your bet and win a special Winterclash package.
Visit the Fb Event for more infos and place your bet there:

Winterclash & On A Roll Teaser

Winterclash will be featured in On A Roll and we are proud to announce that you will be able to skate last years Winterclash ramps in Area51 Skatepark – in the game! Thank you On A Roll!

08.02.2016 20160208_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_fridayclash


For the second year in a row, we teamed up with Beat Oven for the official Fridayclash – the official Winterclash Friday night party.

Join the FB event and make sure to be there. See you at the bar!

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