Jenna Downing at Winterclash 2020

Jenna Downing has been the 2008 LG World Champion, has won the British Championships 10 times, got an X-Games silver medal and is one of the most professional riders in blading history. Being one of the very few females to land a 900, having her own pro boot on Razors… the list is endless. But next to all these accomplishments it is something else that makes Jenna Downing so incredibly important for blading today: After her career as a pro rider she dedicated her life to coaching, passing on her knowledge, empowering young kids and motivating new generations to reach whatever goal they have – on and off wheels.

We are thankful to be able to welcome Jenna back to Winterclash in 2020 – having her tell her stories and sharing her knowledge in our panel discussions. See you in February!

Photo: Arturo Sánchez Fotógrafo

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