Chaz Sands at Winterclash 2020

Now that’s an unexpected one: He is one of the very few people with a pro skate from Salomon, well, three pro models to be precise – and one more from Razors. That alone explains how much impact he has had on European blading. One of the most technical rail skaters of the early 2000s and one of the biggest poster boys for European blading in general, going big all over the world. But not only was he highly influential on blades, he also created one of the biggest and most successful events – the Chaz Sands Invitational.
The last time he has visited Winterclash was in 2013 and we are super excited to having him back for the first time ever since in 2020. He will be joining one of our panel discussions, sharing some of his stories and he will be there to enjoy the weekend with all of us. Welcome back Chaz!

Photo: Adam Kola

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