At the movies with Brian Aragon

An evening to celebrate Brian Aragon!
On Winterclash Friday we are going to look back and honor Brian Aragons career and his achievements for blading. We are going to show 10 of his most outstanding video parts at the Blue Collar Theatre – and in-between Brian will be talking about the making of, the joy and the drama behind the tricks.

Friday, Feb 14th, 10:30 p.m. / Blue Collar Hotel (Theatre)
Join the Fb Event:

Tickets: 4€ – available at the entrance of Areafithyone Skatepark from Friday (14.02.) morning. First come, first served.

Brian Aragon changed blading forever and his riding is still inspiring young and old riders of all generations today. Very few people had the abilities to go as big as he did, in combination with the most technical tricks, performed in his unique, unmatched and yet often copied style. His video parts from over ten, fifteen years ago are still on top of the game today and are proof to the fact that very few people on this planet have been as influential for blading and our culture as a whole.

Let’s celebrate, let’s watch some of the best blading in history and let’s meet at the bar.

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