Panel: What does it mean to be retired – Life after Pro

There was a time when a pro rider could earn $ 10.000+ by just putting a sticker of a brand on the helmet. Huge prize money, proper contracts with good monthly payment, huge travel budgets and fancy hotels. It was possible to make a living of blading. And than, slowly, things started to change, budgets got cut and life got more complicated. We invited five of bladings biggest names for an honest conversation about the good times, the bad times, life after traveling the world, the human ego, the different perspectives on being pro and the outlooks on what’s coming when its all over. Or is it not over yet?

Speaker: Brian Aragon, Fabiola da Silva, Billy O’Neill, Chaz Sands, Jenna Downing

Host: David McNamara / Wheelscene

Friday, 14th Feb, 08:30 p.m.
Location: Areafiftyone Skatepark / Panel Room

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