Panel: Lets talk business – Being a shopowner in 2020

General numbers are going down since the late nineties. That’s what most people running a business in blading for that long will tell you behind closed doors. But how come there is still shops out there, if everything is going downhill for 20+ years already? We want to know what it really takes to run a skateshop these days. What are the necessary steps and compromises, is there still joy in doing it, how tough is it out there and what could change for the better? Is it even that bad? Let’s meet for an honest conversation with four guys running some of the most important shops in blading today.

Speaker: Jake Eley (LocoSkates), Matthew Mickey (Intuition Skate Shop), Mirek Ragan (Hedonskate), Ivo Vegter (Thisissoul)
Host: David McNamara / Wheel Scene

Join the event:

Friday, Feb 14th, 07:00 p.m. / Panel Room