Winterclash Ticket Price

Winterclash has had a long history of ups and downs, including financial instability. In order to ensure a well running event and in order to keep evolving for at least five more years, we took the hard decision to raise the ticket price from 40€ to 55€ for Winterclash 2020. We know that this isn’t the best news ever and we thought about this decision for a long time. Talking about money is never fun, but it felt right to share a few insights with you.

How much?
The total ticket & sponsoring income 2019 consists of 54.000 € and is used as followed:
Taxes & service fees 25,00%, marketing 3,7%, material & rental 11,67%, staff 24,07%, travel 12,96%, prize money 7,41%, other 15,19%.

Why raising the ticket price now and what is that money going to be used for?
– Since 2019, Winterclash is officially a three-day event (before it was two days with an extra entry fee on Thursday). All three days are now included in the ticket price.
– During the past two years the event evolved to a blading festival with an extensive program, including workshops, panel discussions, movie nights, exhibitions and many more side-events. Unfortunately, a bigger program means higher cost and in the future all of our side events should be included in the ticket.
– During the past few years the sponsoring situation has become more unstable and next to a declining sponsorship income we never know about the total sponsoring income until a few days before the event. This makes it hard planning ahead and budgeting the event upfront. Higher ticket income means more independence and planning security.
– Pro riders are getting paid less than ever and for their sponsors it is becoming harder to pay for their travels. In order to guarantee a great competition, we need to start helping some of them with travel support.
Raising prize-money for the competition is a topic to be addressed and discussed for 2020 as well.
– So far we are only able to pay a handful of people working for Winterclash. In order to keep it running and smooth in the future, we would love to be able to reward our crew in the best possible way.
– We just set up a five years plan in order to stop running from year to year, but instead be able to plan ahead and guarantee a sustainable event for the future.

If you have further questions and/or feedback, feel free to send us an email to

Thank you for your support, for your understanding and for making Winterclash so insanely great!