Winterclash Worldwide 2021

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Winterclash Worldwide / February 18th·19th·20th

We are incredibly excited to announce this very special edition of Winterclash 2021. During these past weeks we’ve worked on a concept that goes way beyond the typical streaming events or video contests that we are all used to by now.

We tried to come up with a way to create a digital Area 51: An event space that is not only open to those who can afford to travel to the Netherlands every year. Instead we have aimed at an event that invites everyone to participate and interact – and to share the sense of community that we experience in Eindhoven year after year.

For the first time in our events history, every single person on and off blades will be able to take part in Winterclash. You are part of our community and that is exactly what we are going to celebrate…

The Contribution Each And Everyone Of You Make.

With your ticket you will gain access to the Winterclash Worldwide App. You will be able to follow the show, solve 150+ challenges, upload your video/photo/text submissions and you will be able to become the winner of Winterclash 2021 – regardless of location, skating ability, age or gender.

If we can all come together, collaborate and contribute, this can become the biggest event our community has seen since the invention of the inline skate.

There is no winter without a clash.

 Read more about the idea and how it is all going to work.

(Photo: Rene Lutterus)

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