Winterclash 2019 Trailer

Here we go. This is our official trailer for Winterclash 2019.

Do it yourself – Do it for yourself!

Blading is in our hands right now. Never before have all of us been as much in control as today. But are we fully taking advantage of it?

2019 is going to be the 15th Winterclash. In all these years we went through high times and low ones, we’ve learned from our own mistakes and more so we’ve learned from just doing what we felt was right. We feel that it’s time to take that approach one step further – together with you!

Winterclash 2019 will be the biggest gathering in blading with guests from 40+ nations. Let’s use it as a platform to share experience and gain knowledge.

Let’s make it a celebration of the DIY culture that is blading. For ourselves and the next generation. Because it’s in our hands and our hands only!

Camera: Przemek Madej & Karsten Boysen
Cut & Color: Przemek Madej

Music: “Kingdom” by „Hope“
From the album „Hope“

Photo: Kaspars Alksnis