Winterclash 2018 Judging Report

Bart Laubsch (Ger)
Michael Buhl Jonassen (DK)
Sebastian Gruba (PL)


Eliminations – jam format
The riders are divided into groups of 5-7 people and are skating simultaneously during a jam for given time – usually 4-5 minutes. The riders goal is to prove him/herself and showcase his/her best tricks, maneuvers or general ability on blades. This could be a number of strong single hammer-tricks, a consistent flowing line or something really innovative, unseen and creative. Based on the performance, a number of riders will advance to the final. The number of people advancing from each group is not fixed. Sometimes 4 people will advance, while in other groups no one will be advanced to the next round. These decisions are based on points given by the judges.

Finals – 5 minutes jam + last trick
In the finals, the qualified riders will skate in a jam-format. A jam-format is all riders blading together over a period of 5 minutes. In addition to the jam, each rider is given 3-4 attempts to perform a final trick, also known as the ‘Last Trick’.

The judges took the following four criteria into consideration:
Style – general impression of athletic choice and blading style. Points are added for good flow and control
Difficulty – level of performed tricks
Creativity – using all elements of the park, points added for innovative approach to obstacles
Line – connecting tricks together, finding good lines, points reduced for stopping

Results + argumentation:

JUNIOR Division:
Number of contestants: 27
Number of contestants qualified for the Finals: 10

3rd place – Randy Zoller (Holland)
Randy killed the Rollerblade quarter-extension box and GH bank railbox – he was definitely the best junior to skate that obstacle – lots of switch up variations like Unity-Top Soul-Unity or 360 Mizou to Royale, 360 Mizou to Unity. The last trick took 4 tries. Big tricks with good style, but with too much focus on one spot. Which leads to a small mark down in creativity points and lines.

2nd place – Felix Falling (Denmark)
Felix is SPEED. A lot of energy and style. A good combination of nice spins – like the 720, 540 here and there followed by big rail tricks (Fishbrain). Nice creative approach to the ‘blue GH bridge-spot’ with a disaster (over the first bank) to soul on the coping on the outside. Also he was the only one that hit the GH bank railbox directly from the quarter (Unity) which overall placed him in 2nd place.

1st place – Nils Rinas (Germany)
Nils has been competing for few years now and WC 2018 was definitely his peak so far. Overall Nils hit most obstacles in the park. He Top-Souled the Arcena rail, did a Backflip and a 900 spin on the K2 launch. Backside to True Top X-Grind Transfer at the GH extension/down rail or 270 BS Savannah 360 out into the highest quarter pipe. No stops, just flowing around the park checking spot after spot. No falls. Great run!

GIRL Division:
Number of contestants: 35
Number of contestants qualified for the Finals: 11

3rd place – Sara Vilella (Spain)
Sara put up solid run with nice combination of lines. She did a Ao Top Porn on the highest quarter extension, followed by Fakie 540. Also a good 360 Topsoul, Fakie Inspin Top Soul on the coping, Bs Savannah through flat grindbox and Top Acid all along the whole blue bridge/bus rail.

2nd place – Chihiro Azuma (Japan)
Chihiro is pure Style. Very consistent run with tech grinds on the flat grindbox (Misfit), the highest quarter and the extension section was checked with smooth Ao Top Soul. She also did stylish switch up variations, like the Soul to Ao Topsoul, followed by a Kind Grind on the biggest handrail in the park. She wrapped it all up with another perfectly executed Ao Top Soul on the blue bridge/bus rail. She was awarded for the sickest style and a very high difficulty level. Which assured here the 2nd place.

1st place – Manon Derrien (France)
Although Manon didn’t land her final trick her skating definitely stood out among the other girls. Rather than focusing on single spots Manon was constantly all over the park with long lines. Here first line consisted of 4+ tricks. That line really put her right at the top. Next she went on with bunch of stylish grinds on the extension (Fishbrain, Top Soul, Fakie Topsoul) and eventually Sweatstancing the biggest handrail first try. She added a few more fakie-to-grinds on the flat grindbox. Her flow, lines, style and determination got her the first place.

AM Division:

Number of contestants: 119
Number of contestants qualified for the Finals: 16

AM Division was a little different than Girls or Juniors – almost 120 participants made it a lot harder to qualify for the finals.

3rd place – Diako Diaby (France)
Diako is very distinctive when it comes to airs/spins, which makes for a unique style. Diakos 540 Ao Acid on the RB coping extension first try blew everybody’s mind, and the crazy corkscrew 720 on the K2 launch, followed by a Flatspin or Soul to Soul transfer on the GH down rail was amazing. Diako’s run was super fast and planned well. His final trick was not landed, but overall he had enough points to secure the 3rd place.

2nd place – Jaro Frijn (Holland)
First thing that comes to your mind when watching Jaro is how fast he charges at obstacles. He is going at mach 5 speed which allows him to go bigger and higher than most of his peers. At the same time his tricks look effortless. An example could be his 450 Backside on the quarter extension, grind variations on GH down rail and good mix of Dark Side Grinds on the flat grindbox. Also his switch up on the blue bridge/Bus rail (Top Acid-Bs royale-True Acid ) and trying to clear the whole blue bus/bridge spot gap with a long air – not quite landed but still impressive – made him a go well into the top three.

1st place – Martin Danning (Norway)
Martin skated cool like a seasoned pro in the AM finals. It simply was a text book run for a park competition. First of all: NO STOPS – Martin was charging with everything he is known for – Bs Fastslide to Gap on the long grind box, Full Bs Savanas, flat rail switch- ups. Lots of air spins – 720 on one side of the park followed by few grinds and another Fakie 720 on the other side – great consistency and what’s important adding his own style and use of the elements in the park. Making the park speak to him and using it to its fullest potential. His final trick, a Full Darkside Ao Porn 360 Out on the big flat grind box, and mixing everything together with a constant flow of grinds, spins and creative tricks earned him the 1st place.

PRO Division:

Number of contestants: 33
Number of contestants qualified for the Finals: 12

3rd place – Nils Jansons (Latvia)
What a comeback for Nils! Nils’ street skating roots were clearly visible in his run. He put up fast lines that were usually finished with air tricks like Flatspins or Rodeo (K2 launch). He also showed great consistency and creativity. A lot of his strongest tricks were on the rails in line with his street heritage. He did an impressive grind on the small flat rail to down-rail transfer (Fish to Ao Unity). He was also killing the GH box/down rail from the Flat with Perfect Top Soyale, Ao Unity to Darkside True Soul, followed by Ao Top Soul to darkside 360 True Top Pornstar on the same obstacle. His performance left us with no doubt that he was going on the podium.

2nd place – Joe Atkinson (UK)
Joe was one of the very few who tried to skate the long coping on the outside of the blue bridge/bus-thing. This with a Top Soul followed by super sick Fishbrain all the way. Extra points for creativity at finding lines that no one else did and making it look good, even with some tech tricks (Full Ao Unity on the Arcena rail). All with non stop flow and with great style. Amongst his tricks were the Handplant-kick on the Bank Extension next to the Down Rail, 540 Flatspin (K2 Ramp). His final trick was not landed: Transfer from Bowl section to the park and hitting the wall ride above one of the exit doors. But considering his overall performance and points he was awarded a 2nd place.

1st place – Antony Pottier (Belgium)
Antony started his run with quick long, stylish grinds on the blue bridge/bus which he ended creatively with a new school cess slide down the bank to flat landing. Next he owned the GH extension/rail with crazy combos like Soul (extension) to Toe Roll to Top Soul (upper rail) to Truespin Ao Top Porn (lower rail). He also did sick lines on the Arcena rail (Top Soul) followed by big flip on the K2 ramp. His signature stalls on the handrail of the balcony were also a cool feature in his lines. Anthony is making great use of his energy when transferring. It’s keeping him fast, flowing and makes his riding look spectacular. His lines were faster and longer than anybody else’s, while the airs were among the highest in the park. His finishing move, the huge Wall Ride launching from the K2 ramp was impressive and simply stunning. He proved again that he can find the best balance between hammers, going tech, and being creative while connecting all of these elements together with style and without falling. A Solid 1st place.

USD Best Trick: Soichiro Kanashima (Japan)
Trick: Soul to Soul to Dark AO Top Soul 360 Out (blue bridge/bus bank to bridge/bus rail to bridge/bus darkside coping)
The combo was just insane. Most people found it difficult to land flat from the blue bridge, yet Soichiro was able to land it flawlessly after 3x combo variation. On a side note: Putting Soichiro on the 4th place of final ranking was a hard decision. The reason was the he only focused on two spots. Namely the flat grindbox and blue bridge/bus while Anthony, Joe and Nils used almost the whole park, tagging each spot with either a crazy stunt or something really creative.

We would like to thank the whole Winterclash team for their service and patience with us. And we would like to thank the riders for giving us the show of our lives. Lastly we would like to thank all of the audience for having great patience and understanding towards our judging-process. It is hard to judge others – always – but we do it for the sake of the sport, so that our sport can learn, grow and prosper from the lesson that Wintherclash is.

All the best,

Basztin, Bart and Michael

(Photo: Koen Bleijerveld)

Full Results:

1. Antony Pottier
2. Joe Atkinson
3. Nils Jansons
4. Soichiro Kanashima
5. Tomasz Przybylik
6. David Sizemore
7. Jacob Juul
8. Dominik Wagner
9. Montre Livingston
10. Jo Zenk
11. Eugen Enin
12. Diego Guilloud

1. Manon Derrien
2. Chihiro Azuma
3. Sara Vilella
4. Kaili Randmae
5. Liene Nulle
6. Tais Corales
7. Mery Muñoz
8. Coralie Tan
9. Tisler Armelle
10. Eva Smejkalova
11. Lula Varela

1. Martin Danning
2. Jaro Frijn
3. Diako Diaby
4. Ruben Smulders
5. Michael Witzemann
6. Mario Reithofer
7. Jeremy Domingues
8. Matty Vella
9. Michael Müller
10. Jarod Banning
11. Xavi Alcazar
12. Justas Karcauskas
13. Julien Lemoine
14. Lennert Goormans
15. Yair Viner

1. Nils Rinas
2. Felix Fälling
3. Randy Zoller
4. Ilia Savosin
5. Ion Mihai
6. Stefan Selders
7. Alex Dochkin
8. Tomass Mezeniks
9. Poema Kitseroo
10. Victor Nguyen

USD Best Trick Award: Soichiro Kanashima
K2 Skates Best Newcomer Award: Tais Colares
SkatePro Most Creative Trick Award: David Sizemore