Practical Information for Winterclash 2020

Most of you are already on the way to what seems to be the biggest Winterclash yet. We’ve gathered all the information to make it through the weekend. Please take a second to read through and get prepared for the best weekend of the year.

NO HELMET NO SKATE – bring your helmet, you won’t be allowed to compete without one.

NO SMOKING INSIDE – Seriously! Please respect that rule! If you ignore that rule, we will take that as a personal offence! Thank you for your support. We love you!

AWARENESS – Winterclash is a big family meeting. BE KIND and respect each other. If you are affected by (or witness) misbehavior, sexual harassment, racism, homophobia or any other kind of nonsense, please inform one of our park rangers, volunteers, security staff or Miguel our host. We will take you to a quiet space to talk or rest as soon as you contact us.

Address: AreaFiftyOne Skatepark, Klokgebouw 51, 5617 AB, Eindhoven

It is NOT possible to park in front of – or next to – the skatepark. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed at owner’s expense. There is one indoor car-park right next to the park (follow the road behind Blue Collar Hotel). Free parking will be possible around the area of Groenewoudseweg (few minutes walk to the skatepark).

By train:
The central station of Eindhoven is simply called “Eindhoven”.
There is another station called “STRJP-S” which is only 3 minutes walk from the skatepark.
Plan your trip by train:

Riders Info:
If you signed up online to compete at Winterclash, please pass by the registration booth (upstairs next to the bar) to pay your registration fee and confirm that you will be competing – until two hours before your contest starts.

Full program & schedule:

Thursday – Opening at 5 p.m.:
Thursday is a free day for everyone and tickets won’t be checked. However, you can SAVE TIME for Friday and pass by the ticket-booth to already exchange your tickets to wristbands, check in for the guestlist or pick up your tickets. The ticket-booth will be located on the small stage upstairs next to the bar. First workshop starts at 06:15 inside the panel room.

History Lesson with Dave Paine starts at 11 a.m. at Blue Collar and you don’t need tickets for that one. The skatepark is opening at 12 (noon). Tickets for AT THE MOVIES WITH BRIAN ARAGON will be available from 12:00 at the ticket-booth located on the small stage upstairs next to the bar. First panel discussion starts at 01:00 p.m.

Saturday the Skatepark is opening at 11:00 a.m. and the first panel discussion starts at 12:00.

Food, Drinks, Payment:
It is not allowed to bring food&drinks inside the skatepark (a softdrink for yourself will be fine of course). Bags will be checked at the entrance.
There are two stations to BUY COINS, which you will need to pay for food&drinks. Both stations accept card payment – but you won’t be able to withdraw money.

Payment tradeshow:
Some companies will offer payment by card, but from experience it makes sense to bring cash if you want to go shopping.

Lost and found: Behind the bar inside Area51 Skatepark

Afterclash is free for Winterclash ticket holders:
Club Effenaar, Dommelstraat 2, 5611 CK, Eindhoven

Thats it. Thank you for being awesome and see you very very soon.

Much Love – Team Winterclash

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