Panel 1 – The future is now – listen to them!

It’s a thin line between appreciating our roots and being stuck in the past. While it’s important to speak about our history, it’s much needed to listen to the ones who are shaping our future. We invited four young guests and a very special host for a conversation about blading today and tomorrow.

We want to know how they got into blading, what inspires them, what videos got them juiced in the beginning and how do they consume blading media today. What kind of riding do they appreciate, who are their heroes and where do they think blading is heading in the next years? We want to talk about the current state and the future of blading – with the ones who are shaping it.

Date: Thursday, February 14th, 07:00 p.m. – 08:00 p.m.
Location: Area 51 Skatepark

Martin Danning (NO)
Marius Gaile (GER)
Aniek Kerkhofs (NL)
Felix Fälling (DK)

Host: Dominic Bruce (UK)

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(Photo: David Grant)