At the movies with Alex Broskow

This one is going to be a night to remember!
During Winterclash 2019 we are dedicating our Friday night to none other than Alex Broskow. It will be a celebration of Alex’s career and his achievements for blading.
In cooperation with Jump Street Podcast we are going to show 10 of his very best video parts at the Blue Collar Theatre – and in-between Alex will be talking about the making of, the joy and the drama behind the tricks.

Friday, Feb 15th, 10:30 p.m. / Blue Collar Hotel (Theatre)
Join us:

Tickets: 4€ – available at the entrance of Areafithyone Skatepark from Friday (15.02.) morning. First come, first served.

Alex Broskow released his first ever video section in 1999. Almost 20 years on, Alex is looking back on more video sections and pro products than almost anyone else in action sport history. But the real accomplishment is something different: He has managed to remain the most relevant, most technical, most diverse and most game-changing person to ever put on blades – for almost two decades.

He put a new meaning to “going big” and once he had done it all, he took technical riding to another level. He’s inspired generations of bladers and he doesn’t seem to be done yet.

Let’s celebrate, let’s watch some of the best blading in history and let’s meet at the bar.