Welcome Arlo Eisenberg

We are insanely proud, delighted and excited to announce that the one and only Arlo Eisenberg will join us for Winterclash 2018!

There is no way to describe how much today’s announcement means to us.
Arlo Eisenberg is one of blading’s most important pioneers. He paved the way for street skating as we know it and with his involvement in the X-Games, Senate, Franco Shade, GOST, What Do You Believe In, Life+ and Barely Dead he shaped our sport like only very few others. And it gets better: Arlo is one of the main reasons that Winterclash is what it is today. Eisenberg’s Hoedown was the one event that pushed the boundaries of blading for 14 years in a row. Hoedown was what inspired us to create Winterclash in the first place and watching videos of it today still gives us goosebumps.

We can not wait to welcome him at Winterclash 2018 and we are excited to have him as a part of the most interesting side-event in the history of Winterclash. Stay tuned for more information on that one. For now, all there is left to say is: Welcome Arlo Eisenberg!