Flight School – The Winterclash Training Camp

ATTENTION: This is not an open event, you NEED to sign up to join and it is only open to the first 25 to register! Open to all ages and skaters who are looking to learn new things! This is not open to professional riders.

Thursday / 15th February / 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
40 € / 6 hours / A Free set of wheels for everyone

Montre Livingston – Scott Quinn – Nils Jansons
Yoga Class – Contest Preparation – Healthy Living Class – Lunch Break – Flight School – Video Hour – Free Skate – One of One Training – Group Activities – Skate Games

Sign up and send an Email to flightschool@winterclash.com including:
Full Name:

Join the FB Event: facebook.com/events/135522320576862

After the huge success of the 2017 Flight School: Blading Camps + Winterclash have joined forces this year to offer it once again!

Have you ever wished you could have a little more time before the event to plan your run? To find that great transfer that could win the event? Well now is your chance cause the Thursday before Winterclash the skatepark is all ours! The main focus of this day camp is to understand the rules of the competition and to help the rider to preform at his highest abilities. Together with Montre, Quinny and Nils the students will learn the in’s and out’s of contest, what the judges are looking for, and how to use the skatepark in the best possible way! The camp will consist of many group activities as well as plenty of free skate time!

The Blading Camp team is reuniting once again, this time to share their experience and expertise from traveling the world and and skating contests. Come join previous Winterclash Champions ; Montre Livingston and Nils Jansons along with Razors Pro and TV superstar Scott Quinn for an unforgettable day of learning, laughing and lots of fun.

SIGN UP QUICKLY as space is super limited to the first 25!