Registration for Winterclash 2017 is closed.

For Winterclash 2017 there won’t be any exceptions. EVERY RIDER needs to wear a helmet to compete. You will not be allowed to compete without a helmet.

It will not be possible to sign in at the event. ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY!

Riders Information:
To complete your registration you need to pay your registration fee at the “registration booth” in Eindhoven. It will be located next to the bar / entrance area of the Area51 Skatepark.
You will NOT be able to compete without showing up and paying the fee until one hour before the competition starts.

Registration fee:
• Professional: 25 €
• Amateur: 20 €
• Girl: 15 €
• Junior: 10 €

Please make sure to check the “Competition System” to find out about what category you need to sign in and what the format + judging will be like. Thank you!

Registered riders also need a valid Winterclash ticket.
The registration fee does not include the entry fee for the event.