2017 Judging Report

Sebastian Gruba
Blake Bird
Michael Buhl Jonassen


Eliminations – JAM form
Large number of riders (over 100) negates the option of single runs in the qualifying rounds. Riders are divided into groups (of 5-7 people) and are skating simultaneously for given time (usually 5-6 mins). The rider must prove himself and showcase his/her best strength – let’s say a number of strong single tricks, consistent line or something really creative. Number of riders advancing out of the group is not fixed – sometimes 4 people will advance further, while other times no one will be eliminated.

Finals – Presentation Run + 5 min Jam + Last Trick
In the finals, one Presentation Run is given to each qualified rider, than again whole group skate in JAM format. In the end each rider also have a few attempts at his/hers Best Trick.

Judges took into consideration four criteria:
Style – general impression, points added for good flow and control
Difficulty – difficulty level of performed tricks
Creativity – using all elements of the park, points added for innovative approach to obstacles
Line – connecting tricks together, finding good lines, points reduced for stopping

Results + argumentation

AM Division:

3rd Place – Robert Spassov
Unique style and creative approach placed Bobbi on the podium easily.
Huge and stylish spin airs (inimitable 720 on the biggest quarter), grind to cess combinations on the Flat Grindbox to bank (Topsoul-True Soul on grindbox to 360 Royale on edge of the bank, followed by cessing all the way down). Bobbi was also one of the few who landed his final best trick – flawlessly executed Fakie Misty to Cess Royale over the funbox.

2nd place – Juninho Morais
Juninho went faster, flew higher and checked more obstacles during his runs than any other rider in his division. Super consistent lines including such stunts like big misty over the Loco Box, 900s followed by super technical grinds like 540 TTS (Loco Box) or crazy switch ups on the Rainbow grindbox (Acid to Top Acid to True Top Acid). Great style and amplitude. Most tricks landed first try. Juninho did not land his final trick.

1st – Dominic Bruce
Dominic and his perception of skatepark is way ahead of others. Mixing technical tricks (360 souls, 450 royales, rail Fastslides) with not-so-obvious transfers, disasters and gaps. The only rider to do UP rail transfer to flat grindbox and creative manual-grind-manual-grind variations on the Rainbow box. His ability to adapt his trick vocab to given situation is unmatched – constantly making the best out of the rather chaotic and sometimes dangerous Jam format – some can call it freestyling but we call it CONTROL. Landing his Best Trick first try (360 inspin soul transfer to frontside on the rail) assured his 1st place in AM Division.

PRO division:

3rd place – Dominic Wagner
Dominic`s run was a textbook contest run. Skated the whole park in one continuous line, connecting grinds, gaps, transfers with speed and full confidence. The highest score in consistency/line and style. Little low on grinding difficulty (mostly Topsoul/Soul. Royales, Farvs etc) yet still it made great general impression on the judges (as not many riders were able to cope with the crowded course like Dom). Sick Ao 360 Mute Transfer (from biggest quarter to GH wall) and final trick landed 2 try – Vertical roll to wallride 360 off.

2nd place – Tomek Przybylik
Tomek got it all – creative tricks (started with Soul on the metal thingy on the wall just to get speed), hammers (big fakie 720 over the Loco Box, 360 Acid Transfer to rail Bs royale Rewind out) and consistent lines. While others were focusing on doing particular/single tricks, Tomek was circling around the whole course checking every obstacle, without any miss. Bs unity budget True Acid and other Torq budget variations on the Rainbow grindbox, 270 Bs Sav on the GH wall. As final maneuvers Tomek pick up Box to rail transfer spot where he landed 360 Acid to BS Royale and Soyal-TopSoyal transfer to Topsoul.

1st place – Anthony Pottier
Just like Tomek, Anthony managed to find his way among crowd, other riders and the pressure – not only he checked all main spots ( Disaster Hardspin Topsoul on Loco Box, fast Toerolls to grinds on Rainbow, Ao unity on the big rail, Farv/Soyale/ Fish brain rail stall on the short rail above the biggest quarter) but he did it all connecting them in lines. Anthony also landed his final trick.

Girls Division:

3rd – place Friederike Reisch
Style and consistency were the strongest part of Friede`s runs. Checking big and small obstacles in continuous lines – huge Topsoul on the GH wall extension, nice airs, Soyale on the rail, Royale through whole Loco box. Unfortunately didn’t landed her final trick (360 Transfer from the quarter to GH wall).

2nd place – Manon Derrien
Lots of landed heavy tricks including AO Fish on the wall extension, Fakie Top Soul and Top Soyale and 36 outspin Sweatstance on the highest quarter pipe, followed by a nice big rail tricks – Sweetstance, Top Xgrind, Fish. One of the higher notes for style and difficulty yet serious bail on her last trick (fakie Sweatstance on the Rail) placed her second place on the podium.

1st place – Mery Munoz
Even the worst bail of the contest didn`t stop Mary for taking the lead. She started with smaller technical tricks like Top acid to Bs royale on Loco box, Table to Royale than moved to rail where such tricks like Top Soul and True Mizou went down. Checked the GH wall with fast soul, Topsoul and Bs royale and successfully landed final trick – Soul transfer Royale (from flat grindbox to a big rail).

Full Results:

1. Antony Pottier
2. Tomek Przybylik
3. Dominik Wagner
4. David Sizemore
5. Montre Livingston
6. Nicolas Servy
7. Yuto Goto
8. Danny Aldridge
9. Joe Atkinson
10. Jelle Briggeman
11. Fred Bukowski

1. Mery Muñoz
2. Manon Derrien
3. Friederike Reisch
4. Grazyna Wratny
5. Eve Jovino

1. Dominic Bruce
2. Juninho Morais
3. Bobi Spassov
4. Yuma Baudoin
5. Nathan Robinson
6. Connaire Skerritt
7. Jaro Frijn
8. Franck Steve
9. Zahir Hanaizi
10. Sem Croft

1. Martin Danning
2. Axel Bihagen
3. Randy Zoller
4. Nils Rinas
5. Felix Fälling
6. Tony Hoggan
7. Billy Fredriksson