What Do You Believe In? – Screening + Q&A w/Arlo Eisenberg

Our Thursday night ends with a proper history lesson. The 2001 released What Do You Believe In? is among the most talked about and legendary videos ever made. Written and directed by Arlo Eisenberg, edited by Joe Navran and produced by Mindgame’s Shane Coburn – this one pushed the boundaries of what a blading movie could look like.

We are going to watch the movie on big screen and none other than Arlo Eisenberg himself will answer a bunch of questions right after. This one will be one of a kind!

Thursday, Feb 15th, 10:00 p.m. / Areafifthyone Skatepark
Note: 5 € entry fee for Areafifthyone Skatepark. Winterclash Tickets are only valid on Friday + Saturday, we are sorry.

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More Info about the movie:
“What Do You Believe In?” features five of the brightest stars in rollerblading: Brian Shima, Jon Elliott, Josh Petty, Rachard Johnson, and Jaren Grob. The video focuses on their skating, which is some of the best ever captured on film, but it is complemented by a surreal story line which weaves in and out of their sections.

“What Do You Believe In?” is not a narrative story in the conventional sense, nor is it a standard skate video neatly divided into rider’s sections. It is a low budget, experimental, artistic interpretation of skating that does not merely break all of the rules but seems to be completely unaware of them altogether.

The skating alone would rank “What Do You Believe In?” among the best videos ever made, but add to that its artistic vision and its fearless conviction to add something completely new to the rollerblading landscape and what you’ve got is an instant classic. “What Do You Believe In?” is a landmark video and a must have for any rollerbladers collection.