At the movies with Adam Johnson

In order to look back and appreciate, we are dedicating our Friday night to Adam Johnson and a selection of his most memorable work. We are going to watch 13 profiles and he will be telling us stories about the making of, the joy and the drama.

Friday, Feb 16th, 10:30 p.m. / Blue Collar Hotel (Theatre)

Tickets: 2€ – available at the entrance of Areafithyone Skatepark from Friday (17.02.) morning. First come, first served.

Join us:

Never The Same – Intro
KFC 2 – Alex Broskow 1
KFC 3 – Vibralux
EGO – Billy O’Neill
Icons – Don Bambrick
KFC Member’s Only – Intro
On Top – Chris Haffey
Charg¡ng – Chris Farmer
Pariah – John Bolino + Montre Livingston
Vibralux VOD – Chris Haffey

Adam Johnson is by far one of the most influential and most important people in blading today. This sport would be doomed without his tireless effort to keep things moving forward. No, he is not running a boot company and he is not a pro rider himself. Much more importantly he is just being Adam Johnson. Instead of slowing down, after being hyper productive for 20 years straight, he keeps on improving with his projects, he keeps on spreading positive energy and he never stops looking outside of the box to keep blading interesting for everyone.

He has produced numerous game-changing videos, edits and VOD’s. He is responsible for some of the greatest video parts of the last two decades and therewith had an impact on some of everyone’s favorite riders careers. Running two or sometimes three companies at the same time never kept him away from working a day job, collecting money for that next big roadtrip to work on another movie. That amount of dedication and commitment is (and has always been) something very rare in our sport and saying that blading would be on a different planet with more people like Adam is no exaggeration.

Let’s celebrate, let’s watch some movies and let’s meet at the bar.