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26.11.2015 grindhouse_Thanks

Thank you Grindhouse

Without our good friends, partners and sponsors we wouldn’t be anywhere. And even if it might look like a standard procedure to thank the sponsors, please take a second to think about their importance. Even during the hard times, there are still a few companies out there who believe in what we do and who work hard so we all can continue to enjoy blading in our hometowns and at events abroad.

First of all, we would like to thank Grindhouse Skateshop. Since the very first Winterclash back in 2005 they were supporting us and their support only grew year by year. We couldn’t do it without them and we are truly thankful to have them aboard!

20.11.2015 20161119_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_rampdesigncontest

Ramp Design Contest

You got an idea for a cool Winterclash obstacle? Send you ideas our way and win tickets as well as the chance to see your design becoming reality. Send us drawings, photos of similar ramps or mockups, we want to see what you have in mind!

Post it on FB or Instagram using #winterclashramps or send an email to

08.10.2015 spots

Media Partner: Xtreme Spots

We are happy to announce Xtreme Spots​ as our new media partner for Winterclash 2016. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook to find out about awesome spots and events.

29.09.2015 20150929_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_mywinterclash_contest

#‎mywinterclash‬ Photo Contest

Instagram Contest: We would love to see your best Winterclash photos. Post them on Instagram (FB doesn’t count), using ‪#‎mywinterclash‬ and we will give away some tickets for the best photos next week. Go for it!

Winterclash 2016 Trailer

24.11.2015 joe

Joe Atkinson at Winterclash 2016

There we go. Today we start announcing pro riders for Winterclash 2016 and we can’t wait to share all that names with you. It’s going to be another banger competition, that’s for sure. First up is none other than UK’s Joe Atkinson who placed on the podium at almost every event he competed at this year. This great man seems to be unstoppable and we are proud to welcome him back!

06.11.2015 zwischenstand_schneider

105 days to go!

64 riders from 22 different countries registered.
Almost half of the tickets sold.
105 days left.

Yeah that’s right, there are almost 4 months left but people from all over the world are already booking their flights and hotels, tickets are selling fast and the riders list looks pretty interesting already. We are just getting started and we got a bunch of awesome news and surprises for you in the next weeks. Stay tuned, get involved and make sure to start planning your trip to Winterclash 2016! MAKE IT YOURS!

(Photo: Alexander Schneider)

30.09.2015 20160930_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_onaroll

On a Roll & Winterclash

We are incredibly proud to announce something extra special today! Winterclash and On A Roll teamed up and you will be able to skate some of our favourite Winterclash ramps in the game. After presenting their first demo version during Winterclash 2015, they will be back next year with another version to test and some of your favourite Winterclash ramps to play with. This is big news for us, as we are working hard to come up with unique ramp ideas every year and since we admire the work of On A Roll so much!

25.09.2015 tickets_shops

Shop Tickets

Tickets for Winterclash 2016 now arrived at all our partner shops. If you haven’t ordered yet, hurry up as they are selling quite fast already. 145 days to go and we can’t wait! MAKE IT YOURS!

15.09.2015 20160914_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_videocontest

Youre favorite Winterclash video?

We would like to know what Winterclash video/edit/trailer you like the most and for what reasons. Help us and win a Winterclash 2016 Weekend Pass HERE:

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