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Winterclash 2015 – official edit

23.02.2015 sizemore_clash

Winterclash 2015 is history

Another incredible weekend passed by way too fast and we hope you had as much fun as we did. The best blading, fun parties, and that very special vibe made that weekend unforgettable to us. THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining us again and for making this event so unique. You are the best crowd one can ask for and we truly hope for another decade of Winterclash, together with all of you.

Thank you to every single rider for ripping it all weekend long, thanks to everyone who cheered, partied, enjoyed, took photos or filmed a small clip. Thank you for bringing special signs, dressing up like CJ, clearing the course whenever the riders needed it, running towards an obstacle to support the riders landing their amazing tricks and thank you for taking the effort to travel all the way to Eindhoven.

Much respect to all our volunteers, the amazingly supportive crew of Areafiftyone Skatepark the media crew, all our tradeshow partners and our dear sponsors. You are the ones making it all happen, thank you for the love!

We will see you next year! Thanks for staying with us!

The Winterclash Team

Photo: Colm Moore


19.02.2015 20150218_winterclash2015_social_media_webflyer_usd_best_trick_650x650

USD Best Trick Award

Big shout out to our long time partner USD. The Conferencehas been supporting us since the very first day and we are glad having them back!

17.02.2015 20150217_winterclash2015_social_media_webflyer_livestream_650x650

Live Stream 2015

Thanks to our strong partner LocoSkates we proudly present the Winterclash Live Stream 2015. If you can’t manage to join us here in Eindhoven, you will still get to see all the action while sitting on your couch at home. Seven cameras will be used to make sure you won’t miss anything. Tell all your friends, share this post and get ready for some sweet entertainment.

You will be able to watch the stream on, and our FB page starting on Saturday 21st at 2pm.

Registration ends tonight

Winterclash registration ends tonight (15th February). Sign up today if you want to enter the competition. And please don’t forget: No helmet, no skate. This rule applies to everyone this year!

25.02.2015 20150219_winterclash2015_after_movie_A4_150dpi

Official Winterclash Aftermovie

We are still collecting your travel footage: if you documented your road trip, captured moving images of your flight to Eindhoven, or filmed your train ride to the Clash, we want these moments! Meeting old friends in front of the park or at the train station, checking into your hotel… Everything related to your travel is interesting to us.

Please upload to wetransfer and send it to the week after the clash. And don’t forget to tell us your name so we can credit you ;)

Thanks a lot!

Official Winterclash Aftermovie: Make it your moment

he Winterclash is not just one moment, it is the sum of all your moments! And for the next official Winterclash aftermovie, we want your moments to help tell that story we are all a part of!

We are collecting your travel footage: if you are documenting your road trip, capturing moving images of your flight to Eindhoven, or filming your train ride to the Clash, we want these moments! Meeting old friends in front of the park or at the train station, checking into your hotel… Everything related to your travel is interesting to us.

This event is all about your moments, and that’s precisely the story that we want to tell!

More details about how to send that footage will follow next week.

16.02.2015 20150215_winterclash2015_social_media_webflyer_vibralux_big_three_650x650

Vibralux Big Three

We are proud to partner up with Vibralux Denim​ for the first time ever. Check the link for more information and support the supporters! This one is going to be interesting!

More info:

14.02.2015 20150211_winterclash2015_afterclash_flyer_BACK_WEB


Just like every year, we will end the Winterclash​ weekend with a bang. In cooperation with De Effenaar​, the official Afterclash will go down right next to Areafiftyone Skatepark​ this time. Take a look on the flyer and find more information on their website. See you at the bar everyone!

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