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04.02.2016 nomades_thanks

Thank you Nomadeshop

We are very happy to announce Nomadeshop as Winterclash sponsor for the very first time. The French shop is doing a lot for their scene, they got a great team and they hopped in to support us when we needed it most. Thanks for the support, we are glad to have you as a part of Winterclash!

02.02.2016 20160201_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_sotapremiere

SOTA Winterclash Screening

Danish filmmaker Jonas Hansson travelled the world to capture some of the world’s most exciting riders for his new masterpiece SOTA. Ever since the release of Traitement, the blading world has been waiting for his new film and we are proud to be able to announce the screening of exactly that. SOTA will be shown in the theatre of Blue Collar Hotel on Friday night. At 10:30 p.m.

The theatre is limited to 130 seats and we will be selling tickets for 2€ during the day leading up to the screening.

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26.01.2016 manon_16_fin

Manon Derrien at Winterclash 2016

The girls comp at Winterclash is always an highlight and Manon Derrien is one of the reasons for that. She makes blading look steezy and is not afraid of going big. We are looking forward to see what she’s got this time. See you soon Manon.

(Photo: Kaspars Alksnis)

25.01.2016 blake_16

Blake Bird at Winterclash 2016

UK blading legend Blake Bird is still going strong. Just a few days ago he placed 3rd at the British Championships and he always got some bangers ready when showing up at a comp. We are glad he will join us for Winterclash 2016. See you soon Blake!

(Photo: Mathieu Hennebert)

03.02.2016 20160203_winterclash2016_social_media_postings_instagram_650x650_edwinfinity

Edwinfinity Premiere

In memory of our friend and beloved Dutch superhero Edwin Wieringh, we will gather for the premiere of “Edwinfinity” on Thursday evening. Remy Cadier collected unreleased footage and combined it with clips and interviews from the past and present. We will hear interviews of Edwin and some of his friends and this will be the last time we will be able to enjoy new footage of Edwin.

Lets get together for a cheers to Edwin!
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Filmed & edited by Remy Cadier.
Contributing filmers: Steve Steinmetz, Joery vd Pol, Freestyle Games TV, Axel Van Dijk, Cavin Brinkman, Dre Powell, Jan Welch, Santee Crew and many others.

Photo: Axel van Dijk

02.02.2016 grazyna_16

Grazyna Wratny at Winterclash 2016

Grazyna Wratny is without a doubt one of the best in the game. She took the win at Winterclash 2015, as well as in 2014 and we don’t expect her to take it easy in 2016. Get ready to enjoy the show everyone and see you soon Grazyna!

(Photo: Kaspars Alksnis)

26.01.2016 deck_16

Adrian Deck at Winterclash 2016

Swiss powerhouse and Rollerblade rider Adrian Deck is always going big. In 2013 he won the Winterclash amateur comp and we are glad to see him joining us again in 2016. Oh, and did you know that he’s got a Winterclash tattoo? Welcome back Adrian, always a pleasure having you as a part of the show!

(Photo: Kaspars Alksnis)

25.01.2016 fromm_16

Jon Fromm at Winterclash 2016

This year, Florida’s Jon Fromm will make his way to Winterclash for the first time ever. The Razors rider has been travelling a lot during the past years and we are looking forward to finally seeing him at Winterclash. Safe travels and see you soon Jon.

(Photo: Adam Bazydlo)

24.01.2016 fred_16_fin

Fred Bukowski at Winterclash 2016

Fred Bukowski took the win at last year’s Winterclash amateur competition. His last trick made the skatepark explode and we all know that there is a lot more to expect from the young French ripper. This year he will compete in the pro comp for the first time at Winterclash and we are looking forward to see him rip again! Welcome back Fred!

(Photo: Thibaut Vankemmel)

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