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10.12.2016 loco_thanks17

Thank you Loco Skates

UK’s finest LocoSkates is one of the last strong supporters of blading in Europe. Not only are they pushing riders and events, they are always going that extra mile – making sure things are done properly. We are proud to be working with them for the 8th year in a row. Thank you LocoSkates!

Promo: The Hanglosers Superbowl

Are you ready for the The Hanglosers Superbowl?
The first video promo for the spectacular spectacular mega event on Winterclash-Thursday is here. Watch it, share it, tell your parents and start booking your filghts!!!

05.12.2016 gh_thanks17

Thank you Grindhouse

Winterclash wouldn’t be anywhere without our strong partners. There would be no special ramp additions, no side events, no prize money, no tradeshow… One of the most important partners and Winterclash supporter since the very first day is Grindhouse. During Winterclash 2017 we will be working with the German-based skateshop for the 13th year in a row and there is nothing more to say but: THANK YOU GRINDHOUSE!

03.12.2016 20161202_winterclash2017_webflyer03_onaroll_1100x1100

A Night With On A Roll

It should be no news anymore: On a Roll will be released in 2017.
What better way to celebrate it if not by dedicating a Winterclash night to it.
– Drinks & DJ’s
– Surprise guests playing their own game characters on stage
– Advanced game play demonstration on big screen
– On a Roll Game of B.L.A.D.E

Friday / 17th February / 11:30 p.m. / Blue Collar Hotel

Join the Facebook event and stay up to date:

On A Roll Trailer 2016

As our friends from On A Roll​ are coming closer to finishing their highly anticipated video game- and are planning to release it in 2017 – we teamed up with them for a very special event on Winterclash-Friday. We are going to release more information about the event during the next days – for now, enjoy this brand new On A Roll Trailer. Watching it, we really can’t wait to play the game!

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10.12.2016 guillaume_algalarrondo

Guillaume Le Gentil at Winterclash 2017

Guillaume Le Gentil makes blading look beautiful – even when going for hammers. For a few years already, there are always these special Guillaume moments during Winterclash and we are very much looking forward to the next one at Winterclash 2017! See you soon Guillaume!

(Photo: Ronan Algalarrondo)

06.12.2016 mery_hennebert

Mery Muñoz at Winterclash 2017

Spain’s Mery Muñoz is not afraid of going big. Doesn’t matter if it’s on handrails, ramps or any other ground, she knows how to impress. She is a well-known face to the Winterclash podium and we are very happy about having her back at Winterclash 2017! See you soon Mery!

(Photo: Mathieu Hennebert)

04.12.2016 schopfer_bo

Nicolas Schopfer at Winterclash

Nicolas Schopfer turned PRO during the ASA times, and while most of the riders from back then stopped riding, it’s safe to say that Nicolas is still on top of his game. He recently got featured in the highly anticipated Vine Street Chapter II and when watching his tricks in there, we can’t wait to see him cruise around at Winterclash 2017! See you soon Nicolas!

(Photo: Bo Ejstrup)

01.12.2016 zenk_kaspars

Jo Zenk at Winterclash 2017

Germany’s Jo Zenk is on the rise. He recently got announced to the Ground Control Frame Company squad and his welcome edit got shared countless times all over the place. But not only did he leave an impression with that video edit, he also took the podium at almost every single event he competed at in 2016. Jo is on fire these days – and we are glad he will be joining us for Winterclash 2017!

(Photo: Kaspars Alksnis)

28.11.2016 05_quinn_wagner

Scott Quinn at Winterclash 2017

We are not afraid to admit that Scott Quinn is one of our absolute favourite riders. His spot and trick selection, they way he makes it look, his never ending smile and his positive attitude – watching him ride is always a pleasure and we are very happy to announce that we are all going to do exactly that: Watching Scott Quinn ride at Winterclash 2017.

(Photo: Dominik Wagner)

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