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Results 2017

1. Antony Pottier
2. Tomek Przybylik
3. Dominik Wagner

1. Mery Muñoz
2. Manon Derrien
3. Friederike Charlotte Reisch

1. Dominic Bruce
2. Junior Morais
3. Bobi Spassov

1. Martin Danning
2. Axel Bihagen
3. Randy Zoller

Full results coming in the next days. Thank you for Winterclash 2017!!!


Kaltik at Winterclash 2017

Irish hardware company KALTIK has been part of our tradeshow for quite some years now and we are excited to welcome them again in 2017! Make sure to pass by their booth and show some love!


42 Countries

We just realized that bladies, bladers, friends and friends of friends from 42 different countries signed up for Winterclash 2017! For the simple reason of blading, for the pure love of our sport and with the goal to have a good time: People of all ages, all genders and whatever beliefs, are willing to travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers to gather for 3 days in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. There are borders to be crossed, visas to be confirmed (unfortunately sometimes denied) and many problems to be faced – but in the end we are going to stand side by side, going to cheer and going to blade – TOGETHER.

Thank you for being a part of it! Spread the love and see you in a few days!


Sold out!

Winterclash 2017 is sold out! Thank you for your support, for believing in Winterclash and for joining us once again. You are amazing!

(Photo: Alexander Schneider)

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Qualification Results

These riders qualified for tomorrows finals:
Axel Bihagen
Billy Fredriksson
Felix Fälling
Martin Danning
Nils Rinas
Randy Zoller
Tony Hoggan

Connaire Skerritt
Domenic Bruce
Franck Steve
Jaro Frijn
Jarod Banning
Joseph Harvey
Karol Byrski
Mihai Bivol
Morais Junior
Nathan Robinson
Pelayo Gonzalez Garcia
Robert Spassov
Sem Croft
Zahin Hanaizi
Yorma Boudu

Eve Jovino
Friederike Reisch
Grazyna Wratny
Manon Derrien
Mery Muñoz



Become part of the Cayenne family and take a look behind the scenes, with this beautiful book brought to you by Dominik Wagner & Freddy White.

Availibale for preorder to pick-up at Winterclash now:

Be fast or be last!


Delfon Dio Photo Exhibition by Dominik Wagner

Well, not only are we hosting the Delfon Dio World Premiere, there is also going to be a not to miss Delfon Dio Photo Exhibition by Dominik Wagner. We will turn the foodcourt into a gallery – make sure to pass by!


Thank you Adapt

Adapt Brand is doing things their own way and there is no other company alike. Their handmade products and unique custom models are something special in blading and we are glad to announce they will be a part of the Winterclash tradeshow again in 2017!


Thank you Thisissoul

When it comes to building the next generation and getting kids involved, Dutch skateshop Thisissoul is doing a great job. They are playing an important role keeping the Netherlands on blades and we are happy to welcome them to the tradeshow for the 7th year in a row.

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