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Delfon Dio World Premiere

We are hyper excited and feel very honored to be able to announce the world premiere of Delfon Dio – the new film by Karsten Boysen and Benjamin Büttner!
After the great success of their Cayenne Project, the group got back together for another incredible tour video, featuring Scott Quinn, Carson Starnes, Chris Farmer, David Sizemore, Chris Smith, Dominik Wagner, Richie Eisler, Josh Glowicki and Joe Atkinson.

Check out the first teaser, JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT and stay tuned for more information on the premiere at Winterclash!


Hydrogen X Winterclash Wheel

Here we go! We teamed up with our friends at Rollerblade to bring you an exclusive, high quality Hydrogen X Winterclash wheel. By purchasing the wheel you are automatically supporting Winterclash and of course you are riding one of the best wheels on the market. Available at the Be-mag / Rollerblading Magazine booth during Winterclash and in the shops afterwards. Competitors will have the chance to get a special discount and we are planning a few surprises around the launch of the wheel as well.

We are extremely proud about this collaboration and we hope to see many of you cruising the course on that special Winterclash high-speed tools.


Tomek Przybylik​ at Winterclash 2017

When Poland’s Tomek Przybylik​ took the win at the amateur competition during Summerclash 2013, he was already an up and coming star in his home country. Now, a few years later, he’s won competitions all over the place and is currently part of a megaramp show in Germany. 2017 is going to be a big year for the friendly USD ripper.

(Photo: Wojciech Makula)


Fred Bukowski​ at Winterclash 2017

In 2015, SEBA​ rider Fred Bukowski​ took the win at the Winterclash Amateur comp and just a few months ago he did the same at Blading Cup​ in California. The young Frenchman is on fire and were looking forward to see what he’s got for Winterclash 2017!

(Photo: Manon Derrien)


Yuri Botelho at Winterclash 2017

Brazilian Razors Pro Yuri Botelho is a huge inspiration to a whole generation of South American, as well as Spanish bladers. Receiving his own signature boot was just one of the achievements on his way and while watching some of his videos, we are super excited having him back at Winterclash in 2017! See you soon Yuri!

(Photo: Javiera Garrido)

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K2 Best Newcomer Award

Just like last year, we are working closely with K2 Skates to award the best young, outstanding rider. If you are joining the competition or if you are just leaving an impression during the warm-ups, it doesn’t matter – we will be on the lookout for you! Are you the future of blading?


Cameron Talbott at Winterclash 2017

Cameron Talbott has got an eye for unique spots and the way he makes use of them is just as unique. We are very excited to spread the news that Rollerblade will bring him to Winterclash for the very first time in 2017. See you soon Cameron!

(Photo: Erick Garcia)


Jeremy Suarez at Winterclash 2017

Belgium blading legend and Rollerblade​ rider Jeremy Suarez is one of the most unique park rippers out there. As a well-known face to the FISE​ competitions, he is used to some of the biggest ramps – and he is making use of them like none other. Watching him destroy a skatepark is mindblowing and we are very very excited to see him compete at Winterclash 2017 for the first time in years. See you soon Jeremy!

(Photo: Mathieu Hennebert​)


Jacob Juul at Winterclash 2017

It’s safe to say that USD’s Jacob Juul is one of Europe’s best street riders of the last decade. Countless times Scandinavian Real Street Champion, magazine covers and crazy video parts are proof of that and we are looking forward to having him at Winterclash 2017! See you soon Jacob!

(Photo: Daniel N. Clausen)


Loco Skates Box Jam

For the second year in a row, we teamed up with Loco Skates to kick things of with a bang. The opening event on Winterclash Friday will be the Loco Box Jam and you should make sure to be there in time.

We are going to build a special Loco obstacle and there are Loco goody bags and some cash4tricks up for grabs.

Friday, 17.02.2017, 3 p.m. Area51 Skatepark

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